Smiling Score: 9/10

Tennus X1 - Ultimate Bicycle Signal Light


Smiling Score: 9/10

What impress us:

The Tennus X1 bicycle signal light is a very convenience signal light for cyclist. When we ride in a group and leading the crew, the turning signal light can tell your group at the back which way you want to go. The brake light with the patented senor is also working smoothly while riding. Also we like the way it charges the LED panel, we don't have to remove the whole light every time, just need to remove the battery cartridge for charging.

Vendor: Tennus

Product Description:

Conventional tail lights only make you visible on your bike but it will not make you become more predictable unless you show your hand signals to other road users.  Communication is always limited with the conventional tail lights.

Recharging tail light is always a headache too. In most cases, you have to unmount the tail light for a charge. In order to simplify the unmount process, they intent to use simple installation design which makes your tail light easy to lose while riding. 

tennus X1 is designed to solve all these headache to make you safer on your bike and let you concentrate more on riding while having better communication with other road users.

Product Features:

All-in-one tail signal light: Tail light, brake light, turning signal and emergency light in one display controlled by the wireless controller

Brighter LED and longer battery life: Our 120 cd LEDs are 4x brighter than many tail light. The 2600mAh rechargeable battery provide 38+ working hours per charge.

Patented brake sensor: The patented brake sensor can be installed directly on the brake lever and catch every signal when you brake.

Super bright emergency light: The 120cd emergency light keep you safe while riding in bad weathers.

Easy to recharge: Recharge the battery by removing the battery cartridge instead of removing the whole display.

Design to fit all bicycles: Hangers and accessories are included to fit all sizes of the poles firmly to enhance your safety while cycling.

Product Includes:

Product Specifications:

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