Smiling Score: 10/10

Pixel Art Pegboard 40 X 40cm Black


Smiling Score: 10/10

What impress us:

The Fungrid Pixel Art Pegboard is a very special organizer on the wall. Unlike some other pegboard, this pegboard is very easy to install. With the unique design of the pixel block, we have so much fun in creating our own pixel art and we make this wall organiser to become a unique wall decoration with style!


Product Description:

FREE 40 pcs of Pixel Blocks (2 colors at your choice, 20 pcs for each color) for all Pixel Art Pegboard orders! Please leave your color preference in the note when placing your order to us.

The Pixel Art Pegboard will organize your space with color and style. This pegboard is a must have for the people who want to showcase their spoils while they can well organize their space. The pegboard can be installed easily and you can also change the way you want to show anytime you like. This space organizer is also extendable by purchase additional accessories from

Material: ABS

40cm x 40cm (15.8" x 15.8")

Also available in:

40cm x 80cm (15.8" x 31.5")

80cm x 80cm (31.5" x 31.5")

Package include:

  • Backboard (40 x 40cm) Black x 1
  • Holder x 2
  • Mini Holder x 3
  • Hanging Rope x 1
  • Hanger x 5
  • Short Rack x 1
  • Installation Accessories set x 1

Pixel Blocks are available in 25 colors for decorating the pegboard

(Pixel Blocks sold separately - pixel studs 20 x 20)

Purchase Pixel Block here

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