Smiling Score: 6/10

Kong Lamp (Dot)


Smiling Score: 6/10

What impress us:

The bulbless design of this lamp make it stands out against other table lamp. With the touchless infrared sensor, it is so cool that we can turn on & off the lamp by waving the hand over the lamp. Additional wireless charger and USB charging port make the lamp more suitable for a modern desktop. 

Vendor: Above Lamp
Product Description:
KONG is a mobile phone wireless charging atmosphere lamp with oriental philosophical thoughts. The aesthetic of the East is very concerned about the relationship between virtual and real, surrounding and transparent. The biggest feature of KONG is the clever hiding of the LED beads into the metal bracket to ensure the Empty and Purity nature of the lampshade.

Infrared Sensor switch (top), Concealed LED light source with a life span of 25,000 hours (~8.5 years with 8 hours daily use), Built-in wireless charger wireless charging Qi1.2.4EPP Max 1A output, touch dimming and color temperature, Color temperature 2650-5250K,  Luminosity: 350LM

Dimension: 38.5 x 22.5 x 22.5 cm

Material: Tempered Glass charging panel, shade in acrylic, lamp stand in metal.
1-year warranty. 

Compatible with Qi-Enabled Devices. (iPhone, Samsung, HUAWEI, Mi)

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