Smiling Score: 7/10

Gyro Sprocket Flywheel Chain Fidget Spinner


Smiling Score: 7/10

What impress us:

When most of the spinner is going for silence when spinning, this spinner is making sound when you are playing with it. The noise made by the friction of the chain and the flywheel just sounds like a running bicycle. If you are a mechanical enthusiast and you love spinner, you cannot let go with this spinner if you start playing with it.

Vendor: Coocepts

Product Description:

Not all fidget spinners were created equally and this Gyro Sprocket is one of the cooler ones! The black and gold or black and rainbow toy is fun to turn in your fingers and totally handmade. Rotate with just a fingertip and let your mind wander as the gears turn. The fidget spinner is made of stainless steel so it is very durable.

Package Include:

  • Spinner x 1
  • Spinner pouch x 1
  • Hex key x 2
  • Spare screw x 2

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