Gypson - Hand Made Gypsum Ore Mood Lighting - Pyramid


Your bedroom looks so boring. A regular lamp cannot bring you any surprise to your live. You need something to cheer up your boring live and your live partner.

Gypson - Hand Made Gypsum Ore Mood Lighting and LEVIMOON® (you can find in will make your bedroom look out of this world.

Few of us will ever have the chance to visit outer space, but that doesn't mean we can't bring space to us! and what better way to do that than with these beatiful moon and hand made gypsum ore mood light by Coocepts. Every time you walk into your room, the LEVIMOON next with Pyramid, Goose egg type and Round cake type Gypson looks perfect for you bedroom decoration.

Another perfect combination would be Jasmin candle with Gypson, when you put yourself into a nice bath, all the Jasmin Candle you prepared. Gypson should give you light and mood so you are walking in a portal to a parallel world.  Peace and joy are all around you.

If you are looking for a unique lamp that is truly out of this world, Coocepts has just the thing.

Product Details:

  • Size: 110 X 110 X 110 MM
  • Weight: 1200 Gram
  • Rechargeable battery: 12 working hours per charge

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