Smiling Score: 8/10

Dandelion Mood Light - 6cm


Smiling Score: 8/10

What impress us:

Dandelion is a very special plant and it represents both mild and strong. Dandelion is beautiful but it’s life is short. This Dandelion light keeps the dandelion looks fresh for years which makes the dandelion become a sentimental mood light for everyone.

Vendor: Coocepts

Product Description: 

This is a hand-make unique mood light for your bedroom or living room. Always gives topic about how special this light is to your guests or family. We picked a completed undamaged dandelion and freeze it into a resin ball. 

Time froze inside this resin ball. Keep our DANDELION always white and beautiful

 Product Details:

  • Size Diameter: 6 CM
  • Base: Cube
  • Power:USB

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