Circlo - The Flying Swtich Table Lamp (Wooden Pattern)


Vendor: Inovaxion

Product Description:

Circlo is the World's first flying switch table lamp. By pressing the floating switch, you can turn the Circlo on / off and trigger different preset light modes. There are 3 preset modes in Circlo:

  1. Normal light mode
  2. RGB Mood light looping
  3. Stay at your favorite color

Circlo Mood Light Mode Demonstration:

Here is what you will receive for your order:

Package include:

  • Circlo Light (Wooden Pattern) x 1
  • Metal Ball Switch x 1
  • Moon Switch x 1
  • Levitating Setup Tool x 1
  • AC Adapter x 1
Product Specification:
  • Base Dimensions: 250mm × 100mm × 250mm
  • Base Weight: 450 grams
  • Switch Diameter 40mm(Moon)
  • Switch Diameter 20mm(Magnet Ball)
  • AC Adapter: Input 100-240v - 50/60Hz; Output 12V 2A
  • Brightness of RGB Mood Light Version: 1000 lumens for white LED and 500 lumens for RGB mood light
  • Usage: Indoor use Only

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